Beauty area in the Panorama Spa

Enjoy your personal wellness time-out alone, as a couple or with your friends. Relax in one of the 10 wellness rooms with the scent of regional herbs, candlelight and decelerating music. A select range of natural cosmetics from Pharmos Nature, Kurland and Dalton Marine Cosmetics ensures gentle treatment and is therefore also very suitable for allergy sufferers. Children and pregnant women do not have to miss out on a soothing time with us either. We offer special treatments that are tailored directly to them.

Our beauty team will be happy to advise you on site or by telephone on 036628-98-5001.

TIP: Reserve your appointments in advance. If demand is high, we cannot guarantee you a treatment on site.

The beauty area is at your disposal:

  • 10 Treatment rooms for massages, cosmetics, manicures, pedicures
  • SWAY-pendular sun lounger
  • Rasulbad


Strengthened Back
Experience a soothing moor cream back pack made from "Salzburg Moor" on a goat butter basis. It contains valuable minerals, enzymes, and possesses anti-inflammatory, immune-boosting, and detoxifying properties. Then, indulge in a relaxing fascia massage for your back.
Pampering time: 60 minutes, €80.00 per person.


Show off your Feet
Relax with a lavender foot bath. The sea salt scrub contained therein provides important minerals and ensures a pleasant skin sensation. Afterwards, calluses and nails are treated and colored according to your wishes. Finally, your feet are pampered with a pomegranate care lotion.
Pampering time: 70 minutes, €84.00 per person.


Soap Foam for Slim Legs
Let yourself be invited to a freshness boost on hot summer days. Experience how our "Permanent Contour Soap Foam Massage" meets freeze mint oil and is rounded off with ice cubes. This treatment promotes circulation, stimulates lymphatic flow, strengthens veins, and promotes slim and firm legs.
Pampering time: 50 minutes, €79.00 per person.


Kiss of the Coconut
Pamper your sensitive hands with a goat butter coconut bath. Then, nails are filed. Removing cuticles ensures a fine finish. After that, a coconut hand mask will give you silky soft hands. Your nails will be colored according to your preferences.
Pampering time: 50 minutes, €54.00 per person.


Chocolate Dream
Our basic cocoa peel activates metabolism, balances and relaxes. The happiness hormone-releasing peel is applied generously and massaged into the skin. Afterwards, you can relax for 20 minutes in a warm wrap while enjoying a hot cocoa.
Pampering time: 60 minutes, €75.00 per person.


Healthy Feet, Healthy Body
We start your treatment with warm compresses to prepare your feet optimally. Then, enjoy a foot reflex zone massage where targeted grips are applied to stimulate muscles and organs, activating your self-healing powers and increasing your well-being. The treatment is rounded off with a nourishing goat butter cream for your feet.
Pampering time: 50 minutes, €69.00 per person.


Autumn Well-being Break
Our taster treatment allows you to get to know the products of Pharmos Natur. Including cleansing, peeling, aloe vera fresh plant leaf application, serum, facial massage, finishing care, and eyebrow correction. Finally, enjoy a moment for yourself on the pendulum couch with herbal tea.
Pampering time: 75 minutes, €87.00 per person.


Relax in our Christmas goat milk bath with honey and cinnamon and a cup of Christmas tea and a sea of lights. After the bath, you will be picked up for our Christmas stamp massage, and you will enjoy the cozy warmth of the herbal stamps on your skin. Blockages are released, new life forces are awakened, and our high-quality aroma oils spread a Christmas atmosphere.
Pampering time: 90 minutes, €110.00 per person.

We pamper your skin with special application techniques. To achieve optimal results, our facial treatments and products are perfectly tailored to the individual needs of your skin.


Discover the world of PHARMOS NATUR® products with our trial treatment, which gives your skin freshness and radiance. Cleansing, exfoliation, Aloe Vera fresh plant leaf application, serum, facial massage, and finishing care are included.
Pampering time: 50 minutes • € 85.00 per person


Highly effective plant complexes smooth wrinkles and strengthen the connective tissue. Our treatment begins with a relaxing foot bath, followed by facial cleansing, exfoliation, deep cleansing, application of an anti-aging serum, Aloe Vera fresh plant leaf treatment, facial massage, and a bioactive regeneration mask. A soothing hand and arm massage, hand wrap, and final care complete your pampering experience. As an extra, you will receive a glass of Aloe Vera organic juice. Pampering time: 100 minutes • € 149.00 per person


We give your skin an extra dose of moisture and youthful freshness. This treatment includes cleansing, exfoliation, deep cleansing, a mask tailored to your skin type, a relaxing massage, and finishing care. A revitalizing ampoule completes the treatment, while the eyebrows are shaped.
Pampering time: 50 minutes • € 99.00 per person


Experience a lively and fresh appearance through our balancing treatment, which provides intensive and deep hydration. From cleansing to exfoliation, deep cleansing, Aloe Vera fresh plant leaf application, serum, facial massage, mask, hand and arm massage to finishing care and eyebrow correction - immerse yourself in the abundance of nature. As a special highlight, you will also receive a glass of Aloe Vera organic juice.
Pampering time: 80 minutes • € 119.00 per person


Popular with teens
Experience the freshness boost on your skin including cleansing, exfoliation, mask, ampoule, and finishing care.
Pampering time: 40 minutes • € 72.00 per person


The magic formula against the signs of aging: Experience immediately visibly smoothed skin and relaxed facial features. Our treatment replenishes your moisture reserves and offers a short-, medium-, and long-term anti-aging effect. Includes cleansing, exfoliation, ampoule, pack, facial and hand-arm massage, as well as finishing care and eyebrow correction.
Pampering time: 80 minutes • € 129.00 per person

Our treatment specially designed for men includes cleansing, exfoliation, deep cleansing, Aloe Vera application, serum, facial massage, bioactive regeneration mask, head massage, and finishing care. Enjoy this exclusive pampering program, which revitalizes your skin and gives you a youthful, radiant complexion.
Pampering time: 60 minutes • € 95.00 per person



Experience true beauty through our additional treatments. All cosmetic applications are tailored individually to your desires and personal type.

Eyelash Tinting
€ 29.00 per person

Eyebrow Tinting
€ 29.00 per person

Eyebrow Correction
€ 19.00 per person

Intensive Treatment "Moment"
Eyebrow Correction and Tinting, Eyelash Tinting
30 minutes • € 49.00 per person


We use warm wax and fabric strips for hair removal.
Upper Lip
€ 15.00 per person

Upper Lip and Chin
€ 25.00 per person

Lower Legs
€ 49.00 per person

Lower and Upper Legs
€ 79.00 per person


With a lash lift, we give your natural lashes a beautiful, subtle upward curl that creates an enchanting eye look.
Duration: 60 minutes, € 72.00 per person

Simply add a lash lift to your facial treatment (Pages 6 and 7). While your mask or pack is on, the perfect lash lift happens effortlessly.
Duration: 35 minutes, €60.00 per person

Beautiful nails are our everyday calling card. With manicures and pedicures, we not only make your hands and feet more beautiful, but also take preventive care of them. Our massages help you escape from everyday life.


Base coat + selected nail polish

Duration: 20 minutes, € 15.00 per person



With a nourishing hand bath we will conjure up silky, soft hands for you. The nails are then filed and gently removed the cuticles, followed by a final care for the perfect finishing touches.

Duration: 35 minutes, € 39.00 per person • without nail polish 55 minutes, € 49.00 per person • with nail polish


BASIC CRYSTAL FOOT BATH Thanks to the extraordinary combination of amethyst, rock crystal and Diamond your feet will be cleaned, purified and intensively cared for.

Duration: 15 minutes, €29.00 per person



Pamper your feet with a relaxing foot bath. The calluses and nails are then processed.

Duration: 30 minutes, €39.00 per person



Treat your feet to a relaxing foot bath and peeling herbal supplements. The calluses and nails are then cleaned processed. At the end, your feet will be pampered with a balm.

Duration: 50 minutes, € 69.00 per person • without nail polish 60 minutes, € 79.00 per person • with nail polish



This treatment begins with a foot bath. Then relax Enjoy a soothing foot massage. A warming hay pack for Shoulders and neck complete your feel-good break.

Duration: 35 minutes • Rest time: 5 minutes, €79.00 per person




Our body peelings use fine abrasive particles to loosen old skin cells and promote blood circulation. The result is smooth and soft skin. Using our packs has a relaxing effect on the body and mind. The applied pack envelops you in soothing warmth and supplies the skin with valuable nutrients.



This full-body peeling with aromatic scents gently removes Skin cells and promotes blood circulation in the skin. Discover Check out our selection of relaxing scents: “Sunny Time” with exotic Lomi Hawaii oil, “sea sound” with invigorating Vital oil or our stress-reducing “cocoa oil”.

Duration (including showers): 40 minutes, € 75.00 per person



Enjoy a revitalizing detox pack while You rest on our pendulum lounger. The unique combination made of amethyst, rock crystal and diamond forms our high-quality alkaline crystal mud that is not only detoxifying but also... also have a decongesting effect.

Duration (including showers): 50 minutes, €69.00 per person



Natural mud made from pure rock dust ensures your health Beauty. By rubbing in, letting it dry and moistening The skin is gently exfoliated with fragrant herbal steam and... Metabolism stimulated. Then take care of your body fine oils.

Duration (including showering & rubbing): 40 minutes €69.00 for one person / €89.00 for 2 people € 104.00 for 3 people / € 119.00 for 4 people



This detox pack with seaweed does not not only the metabolism is stimulated, but also the blood circulation promoted. It also supports the mining and transport of pollutants in the body.

Duration (including showers): 30 minutes, € 59.00 per person



Enjoy pure relaxation! Let the stress disappear and Treat yourself to a soothing break for body and mind.



Immerse yourself in pure relaxation and enjoy a relaxing facial massage in which soothing touches and high-quality facial oils gently remove the traces of everyday life from your face.

Duration: 25 minutes (including cleaning) • Rest time: 5 minutes, €49.00 per person



Relax with soothing massage strokes along the entire back of your body, from your neck to your feet, and leave the stress of everyday life behind you. This time out harmonizes body and mind, gives you a well-deserved break and promotes general well-being.

Duration: 25 minutes • Rest time: 5 minutes, €59.00 per person



With warm aromatic oils of your choice you will experience this full body massage absolute peace and relaxation. Feel the tension melt into pleasure dissolves and a feeling of lightness flows through your body.

Duration: 45 minutes • Resting time: 5 minutes €99.00 per person



Relax with an Alpine hay bath on our SWAY® pendulum lounger and feel the power of wonderfully scented hay! Afterwards, relax with a soothing full-body massage with Alpine herbal oil.

Duration: 65 minutes • Rest time: 5 minutes, € 109.00 per person



We will provide you with a classic massage for your back and shoulders, tailored entirely to your needs. Tension is relaxed and blood circulation in the muscles is stimulated.

Duration: 15 minutes • Rest time: 5 minutes, €39.00 per person



Lomi Lomi is a holistic Hawaiian massage that has its origins in the traditional healing art of Hawaii. Its aim is to treat both the body and the soul.

Duration: 85 minutes • Rest time: 5 minutes, €149.00 per person



Feel how we get your energy flowing again in your body. Through targeted acupressure we release blockages and tensions to enable the harmonious flow of energy. We rely on a selection of essential oils.

Duration: 45 minutes • Rest time: 5 minutes, € 99.00 per person



Our fascia massage uses a special massage technique to prevent or treat back pain or limited mobility. The connective tissue is made supple again, hardened areas are loosened and returned to their original state.

Duration: 45 minutes • Rest time: 5 minutes, € 99.00 per person



Pamper your body with our exclusive massages. Let your back be pampered with warm compresses, algae peeling and a nourishing pack or treat yourself to a revitalizing cupping massage. Say goodbye to tension and blockages and book your pampering time now.



Warm compresses clean your back. A subsequent algae peeling prepares you optimally for the nourishing back pack and a final 20-minute back massage.

Duration: 45 minutes • Rest time: 5 minutes, €89.00 per person



To start, we will pamper you with a soothing body peeling, followed by a relaxing 20-minute break in our steam bath. Afterwards, you will experience the soap foam massage, where a special raw silk glove is used to gently stimulate your metabolism. Afterwards, you can expect an intensive full-body massage with warm oil that will pamper your senses and ensure deep relaxation. Finally, treat yourself to a cup of tea to make the beneficial effects of the massage even more intense.

Duration (including showering): 75 minutes • Resting time: 5 minutes, € 119.00 per person



A detoxification treatment for the entire body with precious medicinal plants in combination with pure organic aloe vera. This treatment purifies and decongests the lymph, strengthens and firms the connective tissue, activates the metabolism and reduces cellulite. The ideal companion for fasting and cleansing treatments. A bath with detox salt optimally prepares the skin for the subsequent 50-minute massage with high-quality detox oil from Pharmos Natur®. After the treatment you will receive a detoxifying tea.

Duration: 65 minutes • Rest time: 5 minutes, € 119.00 per person



The massage with cupping cups is a real relief, especially if you have severe tension in the back and neck. The negative pressure created in the cups leads to improved blood circulation in the skin and subcutaneous fatty tissue. This loosens the tense muscles.

Duration: 45 minutes • Rest time: 5 minutes, €79.00 per person


HOT STONE MASSAGE                                                                                 

Our recommendation for cold days Enjoy a treatment with hot lava and cooled marble stones that relaxes and regenerates the organism. By alternating the use of the stones, we stimulate blood circulation and lymphatic flow. Tensions are released and the energy system is recharged.

Duration (plus 5 minutes rest time): 35 minutes – back of the body • € 79.00 per person 65 minutes – full body • € 109.00 per person



Treat yourself and your skin to a moment of relaxation and peace with a nourishing evening primrose oil full body pack followed by a soothing full body massage with high-quality evening primrose oil. Particularly suitable for psoriasis, neurodermatitis and allergies.

Duration: 70 minutes • € 109.00 per person





Regenerate your body and mind in one of our relaxation baths. Choose from different bath additives and be amazed by them pamper you with a soothing effect.



For our active baths we use bath additives from the company Kurland. Nourishing ingredients are absorbed through the skin and can thus develop their beneficial and health-promoting effects. The special baths also have a supportive effect on rheumatic complaints or dry skin. Choose from different bath additives: Lavender – calms and relaxes Pine – antibacterial and sleep-inducing Melissa – stress relieving

Duration: 30 minutes, a cup of tea is included, €39.00 per tub



Thanks to the extraordinary combination of amethyst, rock crystal and diamond, your skin is cleansed, purified and intensively cared for. Immerse yourself in a wellness experience for body and mind and treat yourself to pure relaxation and regeneration.

Duration: 30 minutes, a cup of tea (of your choice) is included, €49.00 per tub



Take a goat's milk bath with honey, which nourishes the skin with essential nutrients Minerals such as calcium, magnesium and vitamins are supplied.

Duration: 30 minutes, a glass of sparkling wine is included, €39.00 per tub



The high salt and mineral content has an extremely healing and nourishing effect on the skin and organism. Skin diseases, respiratory diseases and rheumatism are alleviated and well-being is increased.

Duration: 30 minutes, a cup of herbal tea is included, €39.00 per tub



Relax and detoxify with an alkaline detox salt oil bath, which strengthens the connective tissue and stimulates the metabolism.

Duration: 30 minutes, a cup of matcha tea is included, €39.00 per tub



Enjoy an unforgettable break alone or with your wellness partner. Let yourself be pampered with relaxing massages, treat yourself Soothing bath in our duo bathtub or recharge your batteries a short power nap on our Sway® pendulum lounger.



Relax together with a full body cream pack on our Sway® pendulum lounger. Enjoy afterwards, surrounded by fresh herbs a relaxing massage. A glass of sparkling wine included.                           

Duration: 70 minutes, € 119.00 for one person / € 199.00 for 2 people



Feel the gentle pendulum movements of the SWAY® pendulum lounger that you gently lulls you into a restful short sleep. After just a few moments, a pleasant feeling flows through your body, enhanced by the pleasant warmth of a special tanning device located above the pendulum bed. Within a very short time you will slip into a deeply relaxing power nap.

Duration: 30 minutes, €12.00 for one person / €20.00 for 2 people



Unwind with a rose petal bath in our duo bathtub dangle, then relax with a full body massage and rest together on our Sway® pendulum lounger.

Duration: 100 minutes, €145.00 for one person / €249.00 for 2 people

Do you long for a little pampering time during pregnancy? Why not treat yourself to a day or two in our Panorama Spa?



Water retention plagues many women during pregnancy. Legs and feet in particular swell and hurt. This decongesting leg and foot massage provides relief for complaints that become a burden from standing and walking as well as the additional weight of the child.

Duration: 15 minutes, rest time 5 minutes, € 49.00 per person



Enjoy a full body wrap followed by a wellness massage. Calming and relaxation are the focus of the face, décolleté, throat and neck massage.

Duration: 45 min,rest time 5 minutes, € 89.00 per person



The honey milk bath followed by relaxation on our SWAY® pendulum lounger is a treat for every pregnant woman. Enjoy the time and let us help you take a well-deserved break.

Duration: 45 min, rest time 5 minutes, € 49.00 per person



Our child-friendly massages offer relaxation even for the little ones pure. Parents or a companion are welcome to accompany the child to accompany you during treatment.




Our little guests can look forward to a massage of the entire back area with warm aromatic oil - just like mom and dad.

Duration: 15 minutes • Resting time: 5 minutes €39.00 per person





Entspannung und Wohlbefinden erfahren Sie mit unseren einzigartigen Stempelmassagen. Genießen Sie eine sanfte Massage mit warmen Kräuterstempeln des Permanent Contour® Systems und lassen Sie sich von warmen Ölen verwöhnen, während Blockaden gelöst und Glückshormone freigesetzt werden.


Erleben Sie eine sanfte Ganzkörpermassage mit unserem Permanent Contour® System, welches Kräuterstempel auf einzigartige Weise dauerbedampft und erwärmt. Genießen Sie das Aroma des hochwertigen Zirbenöls, welches entspannend, beruhigend und schlaffördernd wirkt.
Verwöhnzeit: 45 Minuten • Ruhezeit: 5 Minuten, € 99,00 pro Person


Unsere Empfehlung für warme Tage Müdigkeit gehört der Vergangenheit an! Wir verwöhnen Sie mit einem erfrischenden Pflegeritual für müde und geschwollene Beine. Zunächst werden die Beine mit dem Permanent Contour® Gerät sowie Seifenstempeln behandelt und mit einem erfrischenden Freeze-Minze-ÖI massiert. Den besonderen Frischekick erleben Sie durch Crushed-Ice-Organzasäckchen.
Verwöhnzeit: 50 Minuten • € 99,00 pro Person


Unsere Empfehlung für kalte Tage Erleben Sie mit der Stempelmassage nach der Vier-Elemente-Lehre (Feuer, Wasser, Erde, Luft) ein Wohlfühlprogramm mit Erlebnisfaktor. Sie selbst bestimmen die gewünschte therapeutische Wirkung: entspannend, ausgleichend, nervenstärkend oder beruhigend. Mit Kräuterstempeln und warmen Ölen werden Blockaden gelöst, neue Lebenskraft geweckt und die Produktion von Glückshormonen gesteigert. Ein einzigartiges, individuelles und intensives Erlebnis, um Körper und Seele wieder in Einklang zu bringen.
Verwöhnzeit: 45 Minuten • Ruhezeit: 5 Minuten, € 109,00 pro Person



You can experience relaxation and well-being with our unique stamp massages. Enjoy a gentle massage with warm herbal stamps from the Permanent Contour® system and let yourself be pampered by warm oils while blockages are released and happiness hormones are released.



Experience a gentle full-body massage with our Permanent Contour® system, which continuously steams and heats herbal stamps in a unique way. Enjoy the aroma of high-quality pine oil, which has a relaxing, calming and sleep-inducing effect.

Duration: 45 minutes • Rest time: 5 minutes, € 99.00 per person



Our recommendation for warm days Fatigue is a thing of the past! We will pamper you with a refreshing care ritual for tired and swollen legs. First, the legs are treated with the Permanent Contour® device and soap stamps and massaged with a refreshing freeze mint oil. You can experience a special kick of freshness with crushed ice organza bags.

Duration: 50 minutes • € 99.00 per person



Our recommendation for cold days Experience a feel-good program with an experience factor with the stamp massage based on the four elements theory (fire, water, earth, air). You yourself determine the desired therapeutic effect: relaxing, balancing, nerve-strengthening or calming. With herbal stamps and warm oils, blockages are released, new vitality is awakened and the production of happiness hormones is increased. A unique, individual and intensive experience to bring body and soul back into harmony.

Duration: 45 minutes • Rest time: 5 minutes, € 109.00 per person


Dates available for lunch buffet in 2024.

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