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General House Rules of Bio-Seehotel

Dear guests,

To make your stay at Bio-Seehotel even more enjoyable, we kindly ask you to observe the following house rules and share them with all fellow travelers. The hotel staff is authorized to instruct every guest to comply with public order and the house rules.

Handling of Hotel Property

Please handle the furnishings in the hotel rooms, furniture, and other equipment throughout the hotel area with care. Any damage caused by you will need to be reimbursed to the hotel and may be charged to you. Stains caused by food and/or beverages in the room will be cleaned at the expense of the guest. Any irreparable damages, such as on mattresses, in the bathroom, on the carpet, or furniture, will be charged to the guest at replacement value. Guests are not allowed to make changes to the hotel rooms and their furnishings. Moving the furniture, in particular, is strictly prohibited. In case of non-compliance, the resulting costs will be charged to the guest.

Smoking and Open Flames

Smoking is strictly prohibited throughout the hotel and allowed only outside the building. If an unauthorized smoking causes a fire alarm or if smoke detectors have been manipulated, the hotel is not liable. The costs incurred by the fire department or other security services must be paid on-site. If smoking is detected in the rooms, a special cleaning fee of €300.00 will be charged. Damages such as burn marks and holes in or on furniture, flyscreens, flooring, bed linen, etc., will result in charges at replacement value. Open flames and the lighting of candles are not allowed in hotel rooms, staircases, hallways, and sanitary facilities. Any damage caused by you will need to be reimbursed to the hotel and may be charged to you. The consumption or possession of any drugs, including cannabis (according to the Cannabis Act, abbreviated: CanG), is not allowed on the hotel premises!


At check-in, each person in the room will receive a key card, which is to be used to open the room and building doors. Please close the room door when leaving. The room card must be returned to the reception upon departure. The loss of the room card will result in a charge of €20.00 per card.


Our rooms are cleaned daily. You may also use our voucher and, for the sake of the environment, waive room cleaning. Please decide for yourself if you wish to change towels.

Please do not throw hygiene items or other objects into the toilets, as this may cause blockages in our plumbing system. We expressly reserve the right to claim damages if this instruction is disregarded and our property is damaged as a result.

For safety reasons, leaning out of windows and throwing items out of them are not allowed. All windows may only be opened for ventilation. When lowering the blinds, please ensure that no balcony furniture is in the way and could be damaged.

Please close all windows and doors when leaving the room to avoid damage that may occur due to bad weather. When using the heating, please keep doors and windows closed.

Gastronomic Facilities

Our hotel offers the Panorama Restaurant, the Lobby Bar, the Genuss-Lounge, the Bowling Bar in the Panorama Spa, and the beer garden (seasonal) with various culinary offerings. Consuming brought food and drinks in these premises is not permitted. Exceptions to this rule must be explicitly agreed with the management of our hotel. You are welcome to enjoy our buffets to your heart's content. If you need further meals for the rest of the day, we kindly ask you to opt for our packed lunches and refrain from taking food from the buffet. Our team will be happy to assist you.

Internet Usage

When using our WLAN internet access, please comply with the provisions of legally valid data protection and child and youth protection regulations. Violations will be reported as required by law. We do not assume any liability for damages caused by the failure of WLAN reception. You can borrow a LAN cable at our reception. You can then use the internet on the TV sets in the room without disruptions.


Pets are only allowed in designated rooms with prior notification, at a rate of €25.00 per pet/night. The guest is obliged to register their pet in advance. Bringing pets is only allowed under the condition that the animals are under constant supervision of the guest, free from infectious diseases, and do not pose a risk to the hotel staff or other hotel guests. If you leave the hotel premises, please do not leave your pets alone in the room. If you leave your pet alone in the room for a short time, please hang the "Do Not Disturb" sign on the outside of the room door to prevent our cleaning staff from entering during that time. You are welcome to inform our reception staff about the suitable time for room cleaning. In case of severe contamination and/or odors caused by your pet, we reserve the right to charge cleaning costs. The same applies to damages caused by your pet. Furthermore, dogs must be kept on a leash within the hotel and on the hotel premises. If the house rules are disturbed by the pet, the hotel reserves the right to cancel the accommodation contract.

Illegal Drugs and Weapons

The possession of illegal drugs and weapons is strictly prohibited and will result in immediate expulsion from the hotel. In such cases, the relevant authorities will also be notified.

Quiet Hours, Order, and Safety

After 10:00 PM, silence must be observed in all rooms, hallways, and outdoor areas of our property. Non-compliance with the quiet hours can lead to immediate expulsion from our hotel. In this case, the guest forfeits the right to accommodation and any refund of fees paid in advance. Nevertheless, the guest who is expelled due to violation of the quiet hours is obliged to pay the full booking amount, even if they were unable to start or receive the service due to the expulsion.

Respectful Interaction, Entry Authorization, and Children

Respectful interaction with other guests and staff is expected after 10:00 PM when leaving and returning to the hotel. Guests are not allowed to hand over the room card to third parties. Unregistered persons are only allowed to enter the rooms after prior notification to the reception. Bio-Seehotel may deny access on a case-by-case basis. The presence of unaccompanied children under 13 years of age is not allowed in the hotel. The parents/guardians are liable for the behavior and damages caused by the children.

Entrances, Stairs, and Hallways are Emergency Exits

Entrances, stairs, and hallways are to be kept clear as emergency exits at all times. Exceptions are strollers, walking aids, and wheelchairs, as long as they do not block escape routes and unreasonably obstruct other guests.

Usage of Electrical Devices

Guests are not allowed to use electrical devices such as immersion heaters, hot plates, or irons. Hairdryers, mobile phones, electric razors, and toothbrushes are excluded from this rule.

Improper Use of Elevators

The hotel is not liable for improper use of the elevators, and the costs incurred will be charged to the offenders.


If the fire alarm sounds, it is not allowed to return to the rooms. Please take only your shoes, jacket, and valuables with you. Leave the hotel via the designated escape routes, and under no circumstances use the elevator. Emergency exits are clearly marked. Escape plans can be found on the room doors.

Assembly points are located on the 2nd parking deck and in front of the beer garden toilets.

Parking and Bicycles

Please note that the Road Traffic Act (StVO) applies to our entire hotel grounds. Parking in front of the sports base entrance is not permitted, and violations may result in the immediate and chargeable removal of your vehicle. Our property is private and subject to our house rules. Please strictly follow the hotel staff's instructions regarding parking your vehicle. Escape and emergency exits marked as such must be kept clear, and violations may also lead to the immediate and chargeable removal of your vehicle.

Parking your vehicle on our premises is at your own risk. The parking facilities are neither guarded nor protected by special security measures against external interference by third parties. We expressly disclaim any liability for damages to the vehicle or its contents.

Please use the designated bike stands on the north side of the hotel next to the flagpoles to park bicycles. Weather-resistant, lockable options can be obtained from the Sports Base staff for a fee of €5.00 per bike.


The use of the facilities, including the training equipment in the Sports Base, is at your own risk. If damage is caused by improper treatment of the facilities or equipment, the hotel guest is liable for the damage caused. Bio-Seehotel Zeulenroda is not liable for the destruction, damage, or loss of personal belongings. The Youth Protection Act applies throughout the hotel, all rooms, and outdoor areas.


Cash, securities, and other valuables can be deposited in your room safe. The hotel expressly disclaims liability for the loss of valuables (especially jewelry and cash). The storage of wardrobe, musical instruments, technical devices brought along, and the like is solely the responsibility of the guest.

Lost and Found

Please report or hand in lost or found items at the reception. The reception is available continuously for such cases.

Commercial Filming and Photography

Commercial filming and photography in the hotel and the outdoor area on the hotel grounds are only allowed with the written consent of the hotel management. Out of consideration for the guests, photographing the spa area is not permitted.

Changes to our House Rules are possible at any time and can be viewed at the reception.

We reserve the right to terminate existing contracts and prevent guests who disregard our house rules and cause harm to our staff, other guests, or the hotel from using our services.

Thank you for your attention and compliance with these house rules. Should you have any further questions about your stay, we are always at your service.

Your team at Bio-Seehotel Zeulenroda

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